Taking up space

Further to last week’s confession that I feel more important when I weigh more, I noticed an article in this morning’s Metro which says that taller women earn more money. I wonder if there’s something about taking up more of the room that makes women more likely to be assertive? It’s obviously not a hard-and-fast rule (my aunt, who is four feet nine and a third, is very assertive), but there might be something to it nonetheless. And in my experience a lack of assertiveness is the single biggest reason women don’t do as well professionally as they might – a fact which comes to mind as I mournfully regard the number of women (one) working at management level in my department.

Although it is all about context. I might feel more important in London when I weigh half a stone more, but were I to make my living in Hollywood, where the most important women are generally the tiniest ones, I expect I’d look at it differently. Perhaps I will add “Be glad you don’t work in Hollywood” to my morning mantra. Not that I have a morning mantra. I’m not some freaking hippy.