Fun in the sun

One of the many benefits of good weather is that there’s lots of free entertainment to be had simply by going outside and observing people. Watching a group of six-year-olds playing with a ball is lots of fun; add a two-year-old who’s unsteady on his feet and it becomes something I could enjoy all afternoon. There is something utterly charming about children who have only just learned to walk running around in the sunshine. Coming back from the shops just now I almost tripped over a child whose head accounted for a third of his overall height. Presumably being built along those lines, however temporarily, gives you a very high centre of gravity, which would explain why his unfocused charging around the park seemed to be largely governed by the direction his head fell in with each unguided lurch. It was almost as much fun as watching children dancing at a wedding, which is one of the straightforwardly funniest things there is.