Overheard II

At the chemist, this lunchtime…

Tourist #1: I’m looking for some lozenges, or pastilles, called Diff…diff-something. For coughs.

Pharmacist: …

Tourist #1: Or do you have another type of cough lozenges?

Pharmacist: Oh yes, there are several types [starts shuffling on a shelf behind her]

Tourist #2: I know what you want! You want Difflam! [To pharmacist] Ma’am, he wants Difflam!

Pharmacist: Difflam? That only comes as a mixture, not in lozenges.

Tourist #1: Oh, really? In Sydney it comes in lozenges. Why can’t you get it in Lozenges here?

Tourist #2: Because the queen! She said so!

Tourist #1, wisely: Ah, I see.