I know I said I would link to some eco-friendly skyscrapers, but instead I want to talk about poo. A lively conversation is going on over on Kudocities about London smelling of poo today. Apparently it’s been noticed in places as distant as Walthamstow, Kilburn, Clapham and Beckenham. Somebody also mentioned that Slough smells of poo, but since Slough always smells of poo, that’s probably unrelated. (That’s not a lame-assed joke at Slough’s expense: Slough genuinely does often smell of poo as you drive past it on the M4 – I think there must be a sewage works nearby.)

I haven’t noticed any unusual odours myself, but I’ll be going out for lunch shortly and I’ll keep an, um, nose out, and report back.

2 thoughts on “Poo

  1. Charlie

    Streatham is covered in dog shit. Covered. I tend to walk with my head down and until recently I thought it was because I am a moody bastard but no, it’s because since I was a little boy I have been watching out for dog shit. Now I walk like that everywhere.

  2. elsiem

    Still? In the 1980s all of South London was covered in dog shit, but it mostly seems to have disappeared now, thanks I suppose to a combination of pooper scoopers and responsible dog owners. Perhaps Streatham is lacking in one or both of those.

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