Reasons to be cheerful: numbers 5 and 6

I’ve a treat lined up after work today: I’m going to see my genius hairdresser (I’m still not linking to her).  I wasn’t sure how long it was since I’d last been, but I see I last posted about her on February 22, almost exactly eight weeks ago.  Having short hair is very labour-intensive – when it was long I would have a haircut about once a year, and I’d usually do it myself.

The odd thing is  that as soon as I make an appointment to have it cut because it looks raggedy and awful, it starts to look fine, and I have second thoughts.  Logically, I think this means I should make a hairdresser’s appointment every day, but never go, thus guaranteeing a lifetime of good hair days.

And the second rtbc is that as I was travelling back from lunch in the lift, two men had a conversation about Palace’s promotion prospects, and they agreed that they were good.  I’m not sure I agree, but it was good to hear nonetheless, and all the more welcome for being unexpected.  People, generally, are not nice about CPFC.

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