No congestion charge for NYC

Inhabitat carries the depressing news that the proposal to introduce congestion charging (or “congestion pricing”, as it seems to be called over there) in New York has been voted down. Their headline says all that need be said, I think.

Stupid car-driving voters. If ever a city was designed for walking, New York is it. But perhaps expecting brave and innovative steps from legislators in a country so wedded to car ownership was too much.

Still, I was mildly cheered by the reference in the article to “neigh sayers”. If they’re getting horses to vote on transport policy they’re in a bigger mess than I thought.

3 thoughts on “No congestion charge for NYC

  1. Jim Talbot

    Good riddance to this poorly conceived plan.
    Why would anyone in their right minds give give millions of dollars to the “cash strapped MTA”? They find millions of dollars every other year they did not know that they had. Just wait till next year, they’ll find a few million dollars in a closet somewhere & the problem will be solved.
    Mayor Bloomberg is such a poor leader that even with his political bribery he could not get this turkey passed. Now he’s blaming everyone else for his shortcomings. This plan was only part of a greater plan for cleaning up NY but nobody knows this because Bloomberg does not serve his constituents, he thinks he is a leader.

  2. elsiem

    Hi Jim,

    I don’t know enough about the background of the congestion pricing plan to comment directly, but what you say is interesting – I’ll do some further reading. Here in London we’ve had congestion charging in place for five years, and by and large it seems to have had the intended effect, although of course not everyone is happy. But I have to say, I don’t drive, so I only see one side of the argument.

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