More maths

We’ve got five games to play, all but one of them against sides who are either above us in the table or just a point or two below. With five to play, it’s a bit early for me to don my maths hat and start working out all the possible permutations, but at this stage, and in ninth spot (but only two points behind a play-off position), I think our chances are looking quite low.


However, this will all get much more exciting when it gets down to one or two games to go and I can pore over the paper and work out every possible outcome and – much less accurately – the likelihood of each. Working out out what might happen is one of my favourite parts of the season.


I am suddenly worried that this makes me a very dull person.

One thought on “More maths

  1. Charlie

    It doesn’t! In the glory days when West Ham would yo-yo between the divisions (gone now. Yes. GONE. Stop questioning that) I would do the same. It’s fun. Stressful fun of course but that’s ok.

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