Mike Smith

I never knew that the singer in the Dave Clark Five was not called Dave Clark. But he wasn’t, he was called Mike Smith and he died yesterday aged 64. So thanks for the song, Mike Smith, and sorry I never knew your name.

(Dave Clark was the drummer.)


2 thoughts on “Mike Smith

  1. Charly Massey says:

    I used to work Dave Clark’s daughter. The rest of the family were really musical and when I asked her what she played, she sad “aha, i’m the best bit, the audience.” She’s a Palace Fan. Oh wait I’ve just remembered her Dad was Dave Kelly, but it’s a nice story isn’t it?

  2. elsiem says:

    It’s a lovely story, I’m glad you got confused enough to tell it.

    I also fulfil the “audience” role in my family, except when I get bored of listening and turn on the TV and make them go and be musical elsewhere.

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