We’re on the road to nowhere

…after that appalling loss to Wolves at the weekend. But the weekend’s cheering footballing moment was Spurs beating Chelsea in the league cup final yesterday. I sort of hate them both, but I’ve hated Chelsea longer and for more noble reasons.


Author: Laura Morgan

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4 thoughts on “We’re on the road to nowhere”

  1. Shefki Kuqi has been transfer listed for making a rude gesture at the fans. Poor Shefki. Surely he could have been transfer listed for his poor impression of a striker instead. That has more dignity. Or does it? I’m not sure now.

  2. Oh, I kind of love the idea that you can allocate proportions of your fanship to different teams. In that case I’d like to be 75% Palace, 10% Colchester United (the only other place I’ve ever lived), 10% Liverpool (I don’t know, I just like them) and 5% Barcelona (squint and they look like Palace, but better).

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