December 14: Listen, The Snow Is Falling

Awww. Isn’t this twinkly? And it’s got jingle bells and everything. This was the b-side to 1971’s Happy Xmas (War Is Over), although I think the version we’re listening to here is a later re-recording. Whatever, I love it, and I am going to learn the words and play it out loud and sing along ALL CHRISTMAS. Make sure to listen to the end for the wind/footsteps FX.

Advent song for December 2

I would have had this one last time around, but the official video is uncharitably protected by complicated copyright rules which mean I can’t embed it on the page. But while I was watching The Greatest Christmas Songs Ever last night (purely for research, you understand), I noticed that VH1 were showing this alternative, which is just as nice and freely available. Happy Christmas, Kyoko! Happy Christmas, Sean!