Advent song for December 10: 2000 Miles

We’ve got one of my favourite songs today, because December 10th is the birthday shared by three of my favourite people (one no longer with us, one who I’ve known since I was a baby and one who I’ve only known since May of this year), and because today instead of going to work I’m going for lunch with a group of friends, and between us we will have travelled quite a lot more than two thousand miles to be here. Here’s to the good times.

Advent song for December 20: 2000 Miles

Did I say we’d have a happy song today? Sorry, that wasn’t exactly true. I guess it’s happier than Le Noel de la Rue, but that’s not saying much. Instead of being about starving homeless children, this is about missing someone at Christmas. And we’ve all done that. Tomorrow’s song is more interesting than happy but after that it cheers RIGHT UP, I promise.