Busby Berkeley Dreams

I don’t usually listen to music on the way to work. I read, or look out of the window; music seems a little too invasive and involving for that time in the morning. But today – with the sun out and the weekend looming – it felt like a day for music.

I put the iPod on shuffle and the first song it played me was the Magnetic Fields’ Busby Berkeley Dreams, which, as it turns out, is a terrible song to listen to on the bus, especially if, like me, you cry at the drop of a hat and happen to be wearing mascara. Fortunately I was also wearing sunglasses, so I think I got away with it.

Unrelatedly, I went to see the Pet Shop Boys’ ballet this week, and it has a stunning section in the middle which includes a kaleidoscopic dance, where bodies stop being bodies and become synchronised parts of a mesmerising machine. Of all the performing arts dancing is the one I understand the least, but sometimes it can be transfixing and transporting in a way that nothing else is.

Anyway, some dude on the internet has put together a video sequence to accompany the song, and since I can’t share the ballet with you this is the next best thing, just as long as you have your hanky at the ready:


Still alive

I had a long post about Sherlock Holmes all ready to go yesterday, but at the crucial moment I realised I didn’t have the quote I needed with me.  It will appear at some point.  In the meantime, with no football happening and rain most days, I don’t seem to have anything to write about.

So here’s some music instead.