Sunshine in Bermondsey

It was both discourteous and misguided of me, I now realise, to assume that it’s always raining in Bermondsey. Yesterday was our final rehearsal for the wedding that we’re playing music at this weekend, so back we all trooped to the Bermondsey Trading Estate, which this time around was bathed in bright sunlight:

bermondsey trading estate

The equipment stood there for about five minutes, while we waited for a cab. When we picked up the keyboard, it was almost too hot to hold. It’s good to have new experiences from time to time.

Reasons to be cheerful: number 4

Spring has sprung! It’s absolutely beautiful in London today. Outside just now, I could feel the sun warming the backs of my legs through my layers of clothing. And then I came inside and a woman waiting for the lift was saying to her friend “the first day that feels like spring is just so uplifting, it makes it seem worth going through winter for.” And she was exactly right.
Edit: obviously there’ll be howling gales and thunderstorms by this time next week. But that’s no reason not to enjoy it while it lasts.