Advent activity #8

I’m going to be very lenient in the overseeing of today’s job, which is “BUY DISNEY PLUS”. It’s a perfectly good plan if you live in a house where a lot of Disney is going to be watched over Christmas, and it’s an even better one if some of you are under ten and/or isolating. If those things are not true of your household then I am happy for you to interpret this activity in any way you choose, though it should probably be film-or TV-based if you definitely want to score the point.

(There is a free online screeing of Mogul Mowgli this evening for BFI members, which I have decided will count as my contribution.)

There must be a million Disney Christmas songs, mustn’t there? But I couldn’t think of any, and the ones I found when I googled were sickly sweet and/or featured children wearing make-up, so instead we will go to a Disney-adjacent IP (I mean, of course Disney own the Muppets, because they own everything, but they’re not DISNEY-Disney) for an almost-rendition of Shchedryk, or The Carol of the Bells as it’s better known in English.

(If you hate this version, here is a nicer one.)

Advent song for December 3: Shchedryk, Ukraine

This is really a New Year’s song, but it’s been adapted into English as the Carol of the Bells or the Ukranian Bell Carol, and is indelibly associated with Christmas over here and especially in the States where various English-language Christmassy versions exist (you may especially remember it from Home Alone, or that might just be me).

This isn’t the best video in the world, but it’s the most charming version musically, so I hope you forgive the shakiness. If not, you are allowed to cheat and watch the Muppets version instead.