Advent song for December 8

Really? The 8th already? How did that happen?

Today’s song is the 2001 Christmas number one, Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman singing Somethin’ Stupid, a track originally made famous by Frank and Nancy Sinatra, who sang it better but ruined the effect by being father and daughter, which makes it less sweetly romantic and more weird. But what they got right in that version was the mix: Frank has the tune and Nancy has a harmony under it, so his voice is, as it should be, louder. In this rehash Nicole has Nancy’s tune and is much higher in the mix, so the actual tune, the one Robbie’s singing, gets lost slightly.

Also, the video has nothing to do with the song at all. If Robbie and Nicole are sufficiently intimate to share a winter holiday home, surely they should be past the point of being embarrassed to say “I love you” to one another. And why is Robbie the barman in the “quiet little place”?

However, I love it because I secretly love both of them, and because they make a cute couple (at least until Robbie takes off his pyjamas to reveal his tats), and, mostly, because of that short-sleeved Christmas jumper Nicole wears.