Advent song for December 6: Happy Christmas, Anna

This is a last-minute entry from my aunt Anna. She said she thought it was too late to be included, and technically she was right, but I had a reshuffle and made space for it.

Anna is (along with my sister) the funniest person in our family, and everyone else in our family who is funny (including my sister) gets it at least partly from her. When we were little she was the cool aunt who let us get away with things our mothers – her older sisters – would have told us off for. And now we’re big, she’s the cool aunt who lives in beautiful parts of the world where we can go and visit her, and fantasise about our own far-off retirements being half as elegant and jet-setting as hers and Euan’s.

There is an advert before this song, but you can skip it. I looked for another version without an ad,  but this video is more fun than any of the alternatives. They aren’t, perhaps, the handsomest boy band you’ve ever seen, but they have a charm all of their own.

(There, how’s that for diplomacy?)

Happy Christmas, Anna!