Advent activity #4

Look, I do apologise, but Edie is a hard taskmaster and if, like me, you are getting your Christmas tree tomorrow then it really will help if you MAKE SPACE FOR CHRISTMAS TREE today, rather than waiting until there’s a great big Christmas tree in the way of everything. She may be six, but she’s smart.

My parents aren’t putting up a tree this year, because they aren’t having any visitors, so as a special one-off treat I am allowed to put their fairy, handmade by me in 1978, on top of my tree. More on that anon. For today I will follow the instructions and move the furniture in our front room kitchen sitting room dining room (they are all the same room) house around until I have made a space that will no doubt turn out tomorrow to be just a weeny bit too small.

Talk of Christmas trees means I can share with you one of my most thrilling recent Christmas music finds: Nat King Cole singing O Tannenbaum IN GERMAN. I don’t speak German, so I can’t tell how good his accent is, but his voice is so beautiful that it doesn’t matter.

Advent Song for December 22: The Christmas Song

Yes, you’re quite right; I forgot to do a song yesterday. I was doing housework all day which, it turns out, is much more taxing both physically and mentally than my actual job. And so it slipped my mind, sorry. To make up for it I have the best Christmas Crooner of all (with apologies to Bing) with the happiest Christmas Croon of all, and if I don’t see you this Christmas, consider this your seasonal smooch from me.

Advent song for December 3: Happy Christmas, Katie!

I haven’t heard of all of the songs people have nominated, and of those I don’t know some are, frankly, quite weird. So I am glad that other people nominated old favourites, and Nat King Cole singing The Christmas Song is pretty much the definition of an old favourite. Do watch the video as well as listening to the song, because there is something endlessly charming – something, despite his youth here, somehow grandfatherly – about the way he looks when he sings.

This song was chosen by Katie, who was my best friend at university back in the dim and distant past. Over the last few years we lost touch for various reasons, but then she turned up on Twitter and her tweets were so funny and cute that I remembered why we were friends and was annoyed that we’d ever stopped being. So now we’re back in touch, which is an excellent Christmas present.

Happy Christmas, Katie!