Advent song for December 12: When Christmas Comes

I had to swap today’s song with tomorrow’s, once I realised that my original line-up had two sad songs next to each other. There’s nothing wrong with a sad Christmas song, of course, but they’re better in small doses, and I’m moving house today so I need a song that will cheer me up and keep the energy levels high. So here with their second (and final) entry in this year’s advent calendar are Los Campesinos!, a band whose name even cheers me up.

(But yes, be warned, more Sad Christmas tomorrow.)

Advent song for December 1: Kindle A Flame In Her Heart

Hello and welcome to advent 2018! We start with a band with an exclamation mark in the name! No, not Wham! or the Go! Team or Panic! At The Disco but Cardiff’s own Los Campesinos! who have names like Neil and Gareth, had their tenth anniversary this year JUST LIKE US, and in 2014 released the EP A Los Campesinos! Christmas, featuring among others this song, which is properly good and makes me think of the guitar bands of my distant youth.

Today is also a good day to listen to a band from Cardiff, because I should be in Cardiff but I’m not, so <waves> to everyone in Cardiff, and I’ll see you next year FOR SURE.