Advent song for December 6: Little Saint Nick

You may think this is late in the day, but I haven’t even opened day five on my actual advent calendar yet, so I’m doing pretty well to get it up (just) before dusk (if you’re in London or the south of England).

I sometimes think the Beach Boys are my favourite band of all. They just make a sound like nobody else, don’t they? And this video is a dream – a film of a live performance, synced perfectly with the actual album audio, because nobody actually wants to listen to a live performance. Do watch out for the dancers  suddenly appearing at about 1:30.

In even better news, did you know that a boom in battery storage is giving the UK a fighting chance of meeting the net zero emissions target? Well, you do now.

Advent song for December 12

I love the Beach Boys and, for a sunshine and surfing band, they have quite a lot of Christmas songs. However, there are good reasons why you don’t know most of them. This one, though, is properly great. I especially love the solemn refrain of “Christmas comes this time each year” – which is perfectly true, whichever way you look at it.