Advent song for December 23: One More Sleep

It’s sort of fitting that I forgot to publish this yesterday because now there really is one more sleep to go. And lucky you, you get to enjoy it at 6.45am because lucky me, I forgot to switch off my alarm even though I absolutely don’t have to go to work today, or (currently) ever again.

This is the almost-winner because if you’ve been playing close attention you’ll have noticed that all of the songs we’ve had until now are yet to become nailed-on stone-cold Christmas classics…except for this one, which just is.

Advent song for December 10

This is going to divide readers, partly because lots of people, especially people of discernment and taste like you, hate the X Factor and love Leonard Cohen, and were offended by the one’s appropriation of the other’s song for the winner’s single in 2008. To those people, I apologise.

Personally, I love the X Factor, but in the years I’ve been watching the only two singers it’s produced whose voices sent shivers down my spine are Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke, who won two years ago and went straight to number one that Christmas with her version of Hallelujah. I think Leona has the better voice, but whereas she is very pure and bright and clear, there’s something velvety and sexy and womanly about Alexandra. I imagine she could do anguish better than Leona can. And I do like a bit of anguished female vocal.

Anyway, I’ve chosen the live performance from that year’s X Factor final rather than the recorded single, because it’s such a nice change to see someone singing live and not screwing up. It certainly seems to be beyond the powers of this year’s contestants, although they sometimes turn it up a notch for the final, so perhaps I should reserve judgement until tomorrow night.