Advent song for December 20: White Christmas

Oh look! It’s the only artist among this year’s line-up who was on the shortlist for the Time magazine Person of the Year for 2018. She didn’t win, but Gaga is the queen of all our hearts nonetheless since shedding her pirate’s costume to win everyone over as the overwhelmingly normal Ally in hot Oscars favourite A Star Is Born (although EYE liked her before she was normal).

I somehow missed this version when we did our White Christmas special five years ago, so here she is with a 2011 rendition of everyone’s favourite seasonal standard. I agree with the top commenter, Erick Calderilla Videos, who says She´s Really A Good Artist. She Can Sing, Dance And Create New Things, Not Only In Pop Music… IN THE WORLD SHE´S A GOOD AND HAPPY PERSON.

Advent song for December 2: Christmas Tree

From the sublime to the ridiculous and back again, because what Kate Bush and Lady Gaga have in common is that they are both both, more than almost anyone else. I love this song and it makes me want to dance like Gaga which, let’s be clear, I cannot do.

If you don’t like this song never fear, it is – like all the best songs not counting November Rain – under three minutes long.