Advent song for December 18: Jesous Ahatonhia/Huron Carol, Canada

We used to sing the 1926 English translation of this at school, when I had no idea that it was from Canada, or that it was so old, having been written in 1623 by the Jesuit missionary Jean de Brébeuf and based on a French folk tune which is even older. (I also had no idea what a “mighty gitchi manitou” was, but I know now.)

I have chosen this gorgeous version because it uses the original Huron words, but if you have time you should also go and have a listen to this version by the Elora Festival singers, which is just as hauntingly beautiful in a completely different way.

There is a detailed explanation of the Huron-language words, with pronunciation guidelines should you want to sing along, here.

(Sorry this is so late today. I have just started a new job and it’s taking up all my hours.)