Wednesday Week

Today I would like you to go and read Wednesday Week, my friend Sweeney’s blog. He is the funniest writer I know, which is why I have enlisted him to help me with my Super Secret Project. We have been working on the Super Secret Project for quite a long time, but that’s OK because neither of us is the dynamic go-getter type, really. We’ll finish it one day, and then – well, then we’ll probably leave it sitting in a metaphorical drawer for six months.

Anyway, Wednesday Week is quietly brilliant, just like its author. Start at the beginning and read it all, it’s worth it.



You can do more and more interesting things with creative writing online than you can in any other medium. Check here and here to see why I’m right.

I am still writing a terrifically witty story based on the marriage of Leo Tolstoy, which has been in my head since 1991 and in draft form since 2005. I’ll let you know just as soon as it’s finished.