Advent activity #15

It’s ten days till Christmas! And today’s job is to MAKE UP NICE STORIES. I have done nearly that by going out and buying two actual books at lunchtime. Does that count? I think it does. I have also been reading an actual book; My Sister The Serial Killer which is not a nice story exactly, but it’s good. My Christmas Covid brain doesn’t have the energy to make up a nice story of my own, but I think if I were six I would definitely be really good at it.

There are, of course, lots of Christmas songs which tell nice stories so picking one for today was tough, even though some of the best (Last Christmas, A Winter’s Tale, this version of Tom Waits’ Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis) were ruled out because they are too sad. I’ve plumped instead for The Waitresses with Christmas Wrapping on the basis that we can, and should, all dance to it.

Advent song for December 11

I’m late! WordPress is clever enough to let me post in advance and specify a later publication time, but not the reverse. I blame working from home: my routine was all shot.

Anyway, we’re going to stick with my far-off university days (Essex, in case you were wondering) and have the Spice Girls’ rendition of Christmas Wrapping, which if memory serves correctly was the b-side of one of their Christmas singles. I would have liked to include one of the singles themselves, but they are not particularly Christmassy, and anyway this is fun, with its updated references to Tesco and cling film. Good old The Spice Girls. There doesn’t seem to be a real video, but this is the weirdest liveliest of the fan-created offerings on YouTube.