Advent song for December 6: Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree

Look out, this is a bit special. Did you know that Sir Cliffmas has just released his first festive album in nineteen years? I confess I once did, but had forgotten. And imagine if we’d all missed out on this excellent piece of Cliff Dancing™? The great man is eighty-two and still going as strong as ever, with a special coming up on the BBC this Christmas, which is very good of him considering how they treated him last time they had words.

Advent song for December 6

I had a short internal struggle over whether or not to give you the Kim Wilde and Mel Smith version of this song, but the Gladallover advent calendar is, when it comes down to it, all about the music, and Brenda Lee sings it much more prettily (sorry, Kim, I still think you’re lovely).

However, if you find you’re in the mood for a spot of Mel and Kim, you’ll find them here.