Advent song for December 7: Mary’s Boy Child

As you will know if you have been following my advent calendar since it started ELEVEN YEARS ago, I like to reserve Saturday for party songs, and there are none more party than Boney M’s 1978 disco classic. Did you further know (I did, but had forgotten until today) that Bobby Farrell didn’t sing any of this, but danced and mimed along to Frank Farian singing? Apparently you could get away with that in 1978, though not for long, as Black Box and Milli Vanilli were subsequently to demonstrate.

I have a third fact for you, which is that Bobby Farrell died on 30 December 2010 in St Petersburg, the same city where Ra-Ra-Rasputin died on the same date a mere ninety-four years earlier? I know, SPOOKY.

Talking of Boy Children, today’s good news story was pointed out to me yesterday evening by my auntie Jane as we waited to cross the road at Cambridge Circus, and we all collectively ahhhh-ed in the street, so I thought I’d share it with you too, in case you missed it.

White Christmas, December 12: Liz Mitchell

You might believe you’ve never heard of Liz Mitchell but trust me: you’ve heard her sing. Here she is going solo, with a Calypso version of our favourite Christmas song which is fully lovely right up until the grinding key change just after 2:30. If I were in charge, there would be a committee that would decide when a key change was acceptable, and the answer would be ALMOST NEVER.

Still, I am delighted by how vastly indifferent the reindeer are. Enjoy!

Advent song for December 17

I love, love, love this gorgeous video. There are many great things about it, but the best is that all four members of Boney M dance their way through the song, and even though the women’s capes are so voluminous that all you can really see is a bit of bobbing, you can tell they’re giving it their all, under those swathes of fur. Good on you, women members of Boney M!