Advent song for December 2: Boas Festas, Brazil

You might not have heard of Carlos Galhardo, but in his day his lively radio hits made him a star in his home country of Brazil. Boas Festas was composed by his friend Assis Valente and first recorded in 1933, when Galhardo was just twenty. It took me a long time to find a Christmas song from South America that wasn’t Spanish or Portuguese in origin, but since Galhardo and Valente were both born in Brazil and lived there all their lives I think Boas Festas counts as authentically Brazilian.

I haven’t been able to find a convincing translation for the whole song, but I am fairly confident that the title translates as “Happy Holidays”. If you are good at Portuguese <COUGH Sam>, please feel free to send me a translation or stick it in the comments below. Otherwise, just enjoy the music.