Advent song for December 11: Coventry Carol

A little spot of festive baby-murdering from the goddess that is Alison Moyet (like me, more of a tenor than an alto). This is from a 1987 compilation album, A Very Special Christmas, which was released to raise money for the Special Olympics and has a number of other treats on it; some, all or none of which may make it on to our list.

Advent song for December 16: Silent Night

Here’s what we’re going to do. Before you scroll down and watch the video, I want you to listen to a snippet of the audio version and see if you can tell who it is, because her voice is so distinctive that I think if you’ve ever heard her sing you’ll know right away. Don’t peek!



NOW you can scroll down.

OF COURSE it’s Stevie Nicks, who recorded her version of Silent Night as part of volume 5 of the A Very Special Christmas series of compilations, which were recorded by various artists to benefit what used to be called the Special Olympics. You should probably listen to the version I linked above, but I’ve also found a live video of Stevie performing it with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and since he is also one of my favourites and we lost him MUCH TOO SOON earlier this year, I’ve picked this one instead. Hey, why not listen to them both? It’s Saturday and like me, you’ve probably got no chores or shopping to do.